Composition  for LGBS String Quartet, percussion and acousmonium

Marie Schwab viola – Anouck Genthon violin – Soizic Lebrat cello – Patricia Bosshard violin
Luc Müller percussion and objects – Olga Koksharova sound artist, acousmonium

First performance June 2021/ Forum de l’hôtel de ville / Lausanne, Fracanaüm season

Tours: AMEG festival (Geneva electroacoustic centre) Brénod (F)
Festival Akouphène Cave 12 Geneva
Centre de musique contemporaine La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

Next concert scheduled for October 2024 as part of the Vide ensemble season, Artcoop building, Geneva



Patricia Bosshard violin – Xavier Charles clarinet

Boissiera has grown up over the years, experimenting with outdoor settings, dialogues between a landscape and the acoustic sounds of the violin and clarinet. The duo has developed different strategies for playing, listening, composing and improvising, linked to the specific acoustic characteristics of each location.

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Quatuor LGBS, Patricia Bosshard (violon), Soizic Lebrat (violoncelle), Anouck Genthon (violon) et Marie Schwab (Alto)

Marie Schwab viola – Soizic Lebrat cello – Anouck Genthon violin – Patricia Bosshard violin

An improvised music quartet, the four musicians pay particular attention to gesture as a catalyst for playing that is specific to the quartet, and to its deployment in space.


Walks, forest stories

© Philippe Pache

Sound installation by P. Bosshard and JB Bosshard

“Nostalgies” group exhibition, Musée Forel, Morges

“Retracing our steps and continuing forward

Inspired by the environmental silence caused by the 1st confinement of March 2020, I walked the same route every day, microphones in hand. I collected precious material because it was devoid of engine noise and unique because it is now historical.

I worked on these recordings in the studio to create short pieces of music, reflecting the moments spent listening to the forest.

podcast north faces

A podcast by Maya Chollet, directed by Didier Rossat, produced by Grégoire Molle.

Music by Patricia Bosshard. Texts read by Simon Matthey-Doret.

Set off on an extraordinary mountain adventure with Maya, who wants to try and climb the north faces of the Eiger, the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses: three mythical north faces, formerly known as “the last three problems of the Alps”.

→ podcast season 1 – 8 episodes

Jingles on the M2 metro in Lausanne

The route of the m2 is enhanced by soundscapes, short jingles evoking the identity of the 7 most emblematic stations in Lausanne. These aural interludes evoke and explore the city’s history, topography and evolution. 

Renato Häusler, the watchman of Lausanne Cathedral, lent his voice to announce the names of the various stations. With the help of sound engineer David Scrufari.

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